Unlike humans, animals have a keen sense of smell

Unlike humans, animals have a keen sense of smell. This is truer in the case of deer. They can smell human presence a large

distance away and will surely make a run for it, thus rendering any efforts on your part to sneak in upon them, useless.

Hence one should mask their odour using sprays like the Scent Away odour elimination spray which will cover up your human

scent and prevent it from returning again, until washed. Another smart move would be to apply another odour that attracts the

deer. Scents of apples or other fruits that might attract the deer towards you might be a great cover up to lure the prey in.
In addition to having prepared yourself with the basics of hunting gear, when you go deer hunting, there are a few extra

essentials that one might want to consider purchasing ahead. A pair of good study binoculars for example will be a valuable

asset during any deer hunting session as it will allow one to spot their prey miles ahead and help in giving one a head start

to plan their path of attack. Similarly other hunting gear like guns and ammunition are of essence a well. What is the point

of going hunting if you have a gun that is obsolete and not easy to use? One should visit the hunting store and try out

several guns and handle them to find out which is the most comfortable option of them all. Some practice with the guns and

ammunition would also help in a long way when handling the equipment in the jungle.